Sneh Foundation – Spreading Love

Educational Support For Needy

Education is for everyone but in India, due to various circumstances many are deprived and left out. Taken Initiatives to help the underprivileged.

Girls Empowerment & Sanitization

Encourage underprivileged girls in their educational journey and distribute them sanitary pads for their better hygiene.

Fight Ignorance & loneliness

Support the orphans and the homeless old age people to meet the basic daily needs and lead a normal life with care and love to envy loneliness.


We Help Underprivileged Children, Turning tears into smiles.

Every opportunity we got to support a child education, we have always stepped forward. As we believe education is the only mode to their future success and with their success our nation will also develop.

Education For All

Knowledge is the key to success and education is the weapon to achieve it. Making education available to all. Worked with under privileged schools.

Better Hygiene

Girls in India lives in a dark shadow, only 12% are able to avail sanitary pads. We are in a mission to avail it for all by distributing in village schools.

Village Development

Many villages in our country are fighting for their livelihood and meet their daily basic need, we are working hard to support them and adopted many villages.
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Be a volunteer & reap the rewards

Spread the awareness of helping people, so that they can live a normal life in the society and educate their children that everyone deserves.

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