What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless? When destruction is madly wrought, in the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty or democracy.

With current statistics in India, there are thousands of orphans and hundreds of orphanages around the country. The Sneh is such one community that supports an orphan in India. Moreover, helping children deprived of education with its extended support to orphanages.

We Sneh group think the current issues are more important than starting any new orphanage. We are working closely with other organizations supporting orphans. The present orphanages have hundreds of orphans in them. The employees who are working in supporting these orphanages are orphans financially. The unemployed youth and elderly are helping & working tirelessly towards the betterment of these orphanages. With our extended support to them, we will encourage and support both.

“Life is not easy. We all have problems, even tragedies, and luck has nothing to do with it. Bad luck is only the superstitious excuse for those who don’t have the wit to deal with the problems of life.”

At Sneh foundation, we believe in providing all the material goods to the needy with no direct financial support to be on the safe side. Ensuring the support of all the commodities is reaching the children from time to time.

We are extending our hand of support to the organization supporting orphans in the adoption rather than starting a new orphanage. Our mode of help to the orphanages is by providing the basic needs like clothes/ uniforms, books, and other educational stationary, arranging medical facilities on periodic terms, and providing vaccinations on the breakout of epidemics in many possible ways. We support the orphanages as per the need and situation.

Our donors get a deep warm feeling of satisfaction when they see that their contribution is reaching the needy directly without any misuse in the way. In many cases, our donors also participate in the distribution process of the commodities. We appreciate a mass contribution of donations for the children deprived of education. Till the time, they grow as independent and intelligent youth of the future.

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