Sneh Foundation takes a major role in providing the basic medical facilities in the remote areas.

Sneh foundation makes an attempt to have collaboration with nearby medical organizations that produce quality medical practicing and as part their service to the community we arrange the medical camps in possibly coverable areas in support of the government authorities. The Indian government has National Service Scheme which is the government supported community service mainly performed by the professional degree students as their share of contribution to the community. These professional degree institutions need some external support also like usable supplies for performing the services.
Sneh foundation provides this supporting hand to these institutions that come forward for the community service. We support the students and the institutions with the basic necessities like transportation, food supplies, drinking facilities and much more for all the students in the service camps organized in remote areas. National Service Schemes provide the certification to all the students who are part of the community service which allows them having special privileges for their entire career and personal life for their contribution to the society. Working with government organizations it is a special privilege for Sneh foundation and the candidate both. There are many other small big organizations that serve the society and give their share of contribution to the needy community and we Sneh Foundation e-support all such foundations by providing them all the required necessities.

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