Use of proper women sanitization napkin during their menstruating cycle helps to keep better hygiene. It also protects from various diseases and problems. Tract Infection (RTI), which is 70% more common among those women who prefer to use other alternatives. We came forward to raise the voice against this unhealthy alternatives and trying to deliver as much support for better hygiene. Organized many Sanitary Napkin Distribution Projects at different underprivileged villages of Sundarban, and its schools. Delivering them free sanitization napkins does not end the task, we also make proper awareness programs to educate them to understand the hygiene and safety to use proper sanitary napkins. We have distributed sanitary napkins to over 2500 girls.

We all need to come forward in support and increase the awareness to fight against the use of unsanitized alternatives. Thereby increasing the use of Sanitary Napkins. We are not going to stop until this gets accomplished

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Women sanitization
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Sanitation and hygiene for women
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