Vision of Sneh

Not all of us can do great things, But we can do small things with great love

Sneh has a vision for better India, It believes that the better tomorrow is based on the actions of today, Today the actions are taken for the betterment of the society by helping the needy in all the possible ways, Sneh does not judge people but goes forward collective to achieve the better tomorrow, Every small help to someone who is beside you contributes to society and eventually when every individual starts helping their fellow people and their family then it is sure to have a peaceful tomorrow and a peaceful country.

Mission of Sneh

If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.

We the Sneh foundation has a strong sense of helping the community and brings small changes at the time. We believe that small contribution from every individual ends up in a huge and collective noticeable change. Sneh is focused on the covering wide range of contribution from supporting the orphanages, supporting the government schools and organization that help the education of the under privilege by announcing some scholarship for the scholarly excellent students from the line of below poverty. Sneh is a friend and a strong support for the women empowerment collecting the socially backward women to improve and raise the strength of the women by making them self-dependent and providing them a collective group tasks to their financial support. Sneh supports the medical camps in remote and forest areas where the general medical facilities seldom reach. We also provide community service jobs for the unemployed group of youth who help with the organization work until they get their deserving job. The tasks like support to orphanages, child education plans for the government schools, high school financial support for the scholar students, women empowerment, supporting the small-scale group activities organized by government in support of small-scale business for the collective village groups, organizing the medical camps, organizing the adult education plans to the farmers and small-scale business groups to improve their knowledge and helping them by availing the government plans and support them for better business plans. These education activities are carried out by the educated youth as their contribution to society during their search of the deserving jobs. We are the group of strong educated and socially responsible people who also guide the youth with their suitable career choice. This gives and takes relationship. We believe that community needs the help of self-rise but not a direct support i.e. our motto is to support the community to bring tasks and work so that the unemployed and the needy get the chance to earn their own bread by contributing their part of hard work to the society in that way no one is taking any favors from anyone and can lead a respectful life of honor.

Gratitude is the beginning of wisdom. Stated differently, true wisdom cannot be obtained unless it is built on a foundation of true humility and gratitude.