About Sneh Foundation

School children

Starts With The Feel Of Love & Care For Others

Our Journey started from the year 2011 with the feelings of belonging to each other in the society and the community that we live in. This belonging feeling is what makes us feel the pain of others. Sneh foundation is a collection of such understanding people who can feel the pain of others and respond to that pain and reach out for help. Its a charitable trust formed by Shri Sanjeev Bajaj from Kolkata. The trust is been supervised and guided by a very well known Chartered Accountant Mr. Surendra Shah from the very well known metropolitan city of India, Kolkata. Mr. Shah is very well handy with all the legal financial matter of the trust which the strong backbone of the foundation and its activities for the better tomorrow of the community and the needy. The foundation and the trust is very well collective of many educated and strong personalities from the cream group of the society who are ever ready to lend their support and ideas for the improvement of the foundation in all the issues, Sneh foundation is registered with all the government norms and all the legal process is performed well in advance like having registered with the Income Tax Department of India and we also avail the 80G certification.

Bringing Difference in Your Life!

We believe in helping the community and
bringing small changes to guide young adults with their suitable career choices.