As the saying says, children are the future of the country. Similarly, the elderly are the treasure of the country.

The old age people with their experience in life are valuable for any human being. These days the elderly are treated as a burden on the family and children. Once, they used to share sheer affection with family members and children. Now, the old ones suffer for the same support from their families. They lack a sense of love and care from their children. Simultaneously, a child needs love and care to spend their days of growth. The elderly also need the same affection with some medical support to overcome the stress of growing age. Moreover, both need love attention to overcome diseases.

In their difficult time, forgotten elderly look for NGOs that support old-age or retirement homes.

Sneh Foundation is one such NGO that supports and offers a helping hand for old-age or retirement homes. We at Sneh have taken some serious steps toward the forgotten elderly group of the societies who are not taken care of and seek attention.

We adopt running convalescent homes and establish new retirement homes for the old aged. We provide them with the daily necessities and medical assistance wholly under one roof.

In the ongoing evolution of community, families have developed negative feelings for the old and elderly group leading them to spare the caregiver away in an open or abandoned place. In some cases, the family takes away the money and leaves back the elderly family members on the roads. In some cases, they lose their children and are alone with no support. Moreover, in some groups, people come from such high classes, who have children to take care of them. Besides, they are strong with financial status but, their children don’t want to be with them. All they want is to visit them occasionally.

Sneh Foundation decided to take a stand for the elderly. We have decided to establish a care home with round-the-clock medical assistance for the elderly and old age. We also support the people who do not want to come to a care home but want to be part of it. In some, cases extreme medical assistance is also required by old age. We have a team of medical experts who are ready to assist at any hour of the day. Sneh foundation wants to touch every aspect of the suffering society with the touch of care and affection with wholehearted trust and dedication.

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